5 Ways Go Grow Hair Faster For Men in 2024

Last updated on June 28th, 2024 at 11:40 am

5 ways to grow hair faster for men

Men’s style of keeping long hair not only reflects their style statement but also their swag. This is a style that never goes out of fashion. If you’ve ever had long hair, you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

It really feels amazing when the hair on your head is not only strong but also thick. Men’s long hair also gives them the freedom to experiment with their hair. If men wish, they can tie long hair as a man bun. Or you can also leave them open waving. Or you can also try more non-traditional hairstyles. Even your long hair may make your friends jealous. 

But the problem is that most people think that it takes a lot of time for men’s hair to grow. Keeping this in mind, in this article I will tell you about 7 things to do daily, by adopting which you too can get thick and long hair fast.

1. Do not wash hair every day

This may sound strange to you but this is the truth. If you want to have long hair then you should not wash your hair every day. Most of us like to wash our hair often. In countries like India, the main reason for this is the outside weather, environment and dust as well as pollution.  

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However, most of us do not know that frequent washing of hair reduces the natural oil found within the hair. Natural oil of hair is very important for their good growth. This oil also protects hair from hairfall. 

Therefore, try not to make the mistake of washing your hair with shampoo every day. Wash your hair every other day so that your hair remains clean and its natural oil remains intact. 

2. Pay more attention to conditioner than shampoo  

For good hair growth, it is very important to pay more attention to hair conditioner than hair shampoo. If you like to wash your hair every day, then keep in mind that do not apply shampoo every day. But always use conditioner after washing hair. This will prevent dryness that occurs after washing hair. This will not only help you in controlling hair fall but will also speed up hair growth. 

3. Eat lots of protein in your diet 

If you want good growth in hair then never underestimate the power of protein. It doesn’t matter what grooming routine you follow as long as you consume the right amount of nutrients. You will never be able to give good hair growth. 

Always consume high protein food as your breakfast. If you are a non-vegetarian then you can consume chicken or eggs. But if you are a vegetarian then try broccoli for breakfast. It works better not only for your hair but also for your muscles. 

4. Understand the importance of vitamins 

If you want long hair then make friends with vitamins and minerals. Consult a dietitian to find out which vitamins or multi-vitamin supplements your body needs. Vitamin B and D deficiency is found in the body of most Indian citizens. Due to this reason, problems like reduced hair growth or hair breakage can also occur. For this, consuming supplements made from fish oil can be very beneficial.  

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5. Do hair massage

You might remember ‘Champi’ made with hot coconut oil by your mother in your childhood. This champi or massage contributes a lot to hair growth. For head massage, you can choose any natural oil like coconut, almond or olive. These work wonders in increasing hair growth. 

6. Sleep with a silk/satin pillow

This may sound silly to you. But it really works when you’re trying to grow hair. You should sleep only on pillows made or covered with silk or satin. Sleeping on a pillow made of rough or hard material can cause hair breakage or fall. The best way to avoid this is to sleep with a pillow made of silk or satin. 

7. Know the right time to comb 

For those who want to have long hair, it is also important to know the right time to comb it. One should never comb hair immediately after washing it. Because wet hair is extremely weak and breaks easily.

If your hair is wavy or curly then comb your hair minimally. Because this can spoil the natural texture or flow of the hair. Those with such hair should definitely massage with hot oil to increase blood flow in the head. If your hair is straight or wavy, always brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb. With this, your hair will break less and they will also grow better.  

I have full hope that by adopting these measures you too will be able to easily get long and thick hair in less time.

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