Exercise Diet Plan: What To Eat Before, During & After Exercise

For the people who go to the gym, it is essential to take proper care of their diet and nutrition. The food choice before and after exercise can influence the physical progress that can make a man strong in bones and muscles. If you, too, wish to eat a proper diet before and after going to the gym, then it is essential to know what to eat and what not to eat.

Exercises, as well as workouts, require good levels of energy and stamina. Pre-workout foods are those that are taken to increase the power and stamina before starting a workout. Healthy and nutritious pre-workout food should be taken to provide enough power for performing the workout. It’s always better to eat something healthy before starting a workout, helping you exercise well and also in muscle recovery.

A pre-workout meal with the right mix of carbohydrates and proteins provides your body with energy and prevents fatigue. If you are working out, then have the foods mentioned in this article as well. Eating them 30 minutes before a workout will keep the body full of energy.

1. Oats

As oats are a great source of fiber, carbs, and other nutrients, people say they should be eaten before a workout. Oats build up energy in the body for quite a long before a workout, which helps in doing an extensive workout gracefully. Oats are perfect for vitamin B, which helps to convert carbohydrates into energy. You can consume unprocessed oats 30-40 minutes before working out.

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2. Banana

Banana is the best energy source because it has very high levels of carbohydrates and potassium that encourage the working of the nerves and muscles. It increases exercise performance and converts fats in the body to energy. Besides, it is also high in some vitamins and minerals, and it also enhances digestion.

3. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are embedded with healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrate, and fibers. Being easily digestible, they are rich in nutrition and assist in the increase of instant energy on account of the amount of fat they contain. But instead, dry fruits also have much fat content. Eating in large quantities can make you feel lazy; therefore, you can consume them by mixing them with oats.

4. Greek Yogurt with Fruits

You can eat this fruit and Greek yogurt mix before your workout. The fruits provide carbohydrates, while the Greek yogurt is power-packed with protein, so yes, it works as a pre-workout meal.

5. Whole Wheat Bread

You get enough carbohydrates to do exercise by eating one slice of whole grain bread so that you can eat it ahead of time as well. Boiled eggs can also be eaten with those for Protein. This makes a complete combination with Carbohydrates and Proteins.

6. Peanut butter, apple and raisins

Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fat. Healthy fats are found in apples, and raisins contain healthy carbs. It will curb hunger, and this combination will also provide enough energy before a workout.

7. Eggs 

The best kind of food is eggs before exercise. Eggs are a rich source of protein, with amino acids and many essential vitamins that will help in the exercise. Before going to the gym, you may have 1-2 boiled eggs or an omelet with brown bread. 8. Coffee Coffee also has several fat-burning characteristics. A pre-gym tip is to take a cup of black coffee; it will enable you to use your body’s fat and lose weight. But remember that it’s contraindicated for late workouts because it might cause trouble sleeping.

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