Select The Best Health Insurance Plan For Your Needs.

Last updated on June 28th, 2024 at 11:52 am

Select the best health insurance plan for your needs.

Health insurance is the suitable investment for the safety of you and everyone in your family. Very few people in India still have health insurance, and if they do, they are under-covered, that is, not having adequate coverage. Disease never comes with a warning, and in today’s era of increasing pollution, unhealthy food habits, stressful lifestyles, and overwork invite many serious diseases whose treatment comes at a considerable cost.

 In case hospitalization is required, medical expenses can be a blow to your pocket. What we are trying to elucidate through this article is that realization needs to be brought about the importance of the medical insurance policy so you can keep yourself and your family members safe by choosing the right medical insurance in these difficult pandemic times.

What is Health Insurance?

It means a contract wherein we pay you for medical expenses to the hospital in case of illness. Under this, we also reimburse you for the costs connected with hospitalization, treatment, surgery, organ transplant, etc. For this, you must pay the premium on time. Health policies can be taken regarding you, spouse, dependent parents, children, and other family members.


Why take a health insurance policy? Pandemics like COVID-19 and skyrocketing medical costs have the whims of playing havoc with our pockets. Getting health insurance coverage for you and your family, therefore, protects you from such whirlpools. Discussed below are important reasons why you need to consider taking health insurance today:-

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That is the rising cost of hospitalization and medical expenses, for which your savings can get drained out if you do not have insurance.


  • There is coverage available for the COVID-19 pandemic and critical illnesses.
  • Immediate Cashless Hospitalization – No out-of-pocket spend by the customer.
  • Tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India can be availed.
  • Take care of your health- Annual checkups.
  • You can also get your family members insured under the insurance cover.

How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan?

The growing cost for medical services and the increasing menace of severe health problems require taking health insurance.

It saves you from stress and financial troubles during medical emergency. You do not have to face financial compulsion for getting treatment under this in times of emergency. Hence, investment in health insurance plans is a very wise step. Let us know how to choose the cheapest health insurance plan for yourself or your family.

Premium amount

The premium is the amount you have to pay after the specified interval. You can estimate the premium by using the online premium calculator available on the website. It estimates the correct premium amount based on your age, standard of living, family members, dependents, income, and your medical history so that you might choose a policy that covers your emergency medical expenses without putting a financial burden on you.

Maximum coverage

It may be noted that severe illnesses, such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, organ transplant, kidney failure, etc., are not covered by any general health insurance plan. The critical illness cover encompasses all these diseases. Under the cover above, critical illnesses reap reimbursements toward medical expenditure. Therefore, you should look for plans that give maximum coverage on your part.

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Minimum exclusions

Exclusions to a health insurance policy are those medical procedures, treatments, illnesses, etc. under which you cannot get any claim. Hence, it is essential that you know what has been permanently excluded from the policy coverage and what treatments have waiting periods. You should choose a plan with minimum exclusions and maximum coverage. 

Waiting period 

The waiting time for pre-existing diseases is almost 48 months; hence, look for a policy that gives you an option of reducing the waiting period. As in the case of Care Health Insurance, we provide you with a Reduction in Wait Period add-on cover, which can further bring down 48 months to 24 months. 

Cashless Hospitalization

 Cashless hospitalization is one of the critical benefits accruable to a health insurance policy. Arranging for money during treatment is pretty tricky in today’s pandemic times, so it becomes essential to take such plans that can provide you with cashless hospitalization facilities around your vicinity.

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