Simple Nutrition Tips for Better Health & Longevity

Last updated on May 26th, 2024 at 03:36 pm

Today’s lifestyle has become such that people are taking more medicines than food to maintain good health and are making trips to the hospital, so if you want to stay away from these things then pay attention to these tips.

If anyone bad eating and lifestyle habits are becoming the cause of such diseases for which a lot of money has to be spent on doctors and medicines to cure them. Many diseases cannot be completely cured even after spending so much money, they can only be kept under control, like diabetes, obesity and BP. 

Health experts say, this year also we face many challenges from health point of view. Be it Corona cases increasing once again in the country or challenges regarding heart health, danger of infectious diseases or mental health problems, we need to make continuous efforts to avoid all these problems.

  • Walking barefoot on grass/taking outdoor miles. It helps you connect with your surroundings and be more mindful about the food you’re eating. Also, walking barefoot helps you relieve stress and improve eyesight as well as reduce inflammation.
  • Fruits with good fats help reduce insulin spikes and keep you full for longer. Therefore include it in your diet.
  • Drinking green vegetable juice increases your fiber intake, this keeps blood sugar level and cholesterol level under control. Vitamin K, found in green leafy vegetables, is linked to many health benefits, including maintaining healthy blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart problems, and preventing bone loss as we age.
  • Including pure ghee in the diet of pulses, roti and rice helps in lubrication in the intestine and provides relief from constipation.
  • Homemade food is extremely beneficial as it allows you to have a relationship with food and use all 5 of your senses at once.
  • Remember to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Your body is made up of 80% water and water is essential for relieving constipation and maintaining immunity and skin health.
  • Try to exercise for at least 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. Whether it’s walking, jogging, swimming or doing a Pilates workout at home, the goal is to stay physically active.
  • Sleep and the immune system there are strong Connection. When you are sleeping, 7 to 9 hours of sleep makes your body healthy and strong. Good sleep is very important for your physical and mental health.
  • Frequent and prolonged exposure to sunlight increases the risk of skin cancer. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and be sure to protect yourself from the sun’s rays with sunscreen and long-sleeved clothing when you’re outside.
  • Eating with hands increases your relationship with food and increases positive thoughts.
  • Replacing refined sugar with natural sugar keeps the fat around your waist under control and other inflammatory diseases like PCOS, IBS stay away.
  • Enjoy each meal without any guilt because life is too short to worry about calories and weight of food.
  • Keep your resting or sleeping room clean, airy and spacious. Keep changing bedsheets, pillowcases and curtains and also shake the mattress from time to time by exposing it to sunlight. 
  •  Use meditation, yoga or meditation to increase concentration and stay away from stress. 
  •  Do any exercise daily. For this, give at least half an hour daily and keep changing the methods of exercise, like sometimes doing aerobics and sometimes just walking fast. If you are not able to find time for anything, then aim to climb the stairs in your office or home and walk fast. Try not to sit in the same position for too long even in the office. 
  • After the age of 45, keep getting your routine checkups done and if the doctor gives you any medicine, take it regularly. Do take time out to be close to nature. Play with the kids, run with your pet, and even find time for light fun with the family.
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If you eat and drink very little, you will lose weight. To make sure you are getting a balanced diet and getting all the nutrients your body needs, you should eat a variety of foods.

If you also have any health related problem, then tell us in the comment box given below the article and we will try to solve it through our Post.

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