Flab to Fab: The Best Exercises for Belly Fat Over 60

losing belly fat over 60

Last updated on May 26th, 2024 at 02:11 pm

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to settle for a flabby belly. As a very mature and wise fitness guru with over 10 years of experience helping people over 60 burn stubborn belly fat, I’m living proof that you can be fit, fab, and sassy in your later years.

So put down the prune juice and let’s talk about blasting that belly bulge! At our age, belly fat is stubborn and sneaky, creeping up on us even with just a tiny slowdown in activity. But have no fear – I’ve put together the ultimate guide on the best exercises to battle belly fat after 60. And I promise there are no plank or burpee recommendations here!

Why Belly Fat Happens After 60

As we celebrate our 60th birthday, our bodies start to change in sneaky ways. Hormones fluctuate, metabolism slows, and belly fat suddenly seems to appear out of nowhere!

The main culprit is estrogen decline in women and testosterone decline in men. This nasty hormonal change puts fat storage into overdrive and leads to fat depositing right around our midsections. How rude!

Genetics also play a role. Thanks a lot, mom and dad! Some of us are simply predisposed to carry extra weight around our bellies. As we age, decreased muscle mass also slows metabolism, making it harder to maintain a trim tummy.

But belly fat in our golden years isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Excess visceral fat, the kind that wraps around organs deep in the abdomen, raises the risk for chronic illness like heart disease and diabetes.

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The good news? Targeted exercise can help us blast belly fat by counteracting age-related muscle loss and hormonal changes! Let’s talk about the best belly blasting exercises after 60.

Best Exercises for Belly Fat Over 60

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat takes patience and persistence, but choosing exercises that target the deep abdominal muscles and build strength through a full range of motion is key.

I’ve created a 5 move routine that checks all those boxes! And I promise, these belly fat burning exercises are senior friendly with modifications for every fitness level. Let’s do this!

1. Seated Russian Twists

seated russian twists

  • Targets: Obliques and core rotational movement
  • Equipment: None
  • How to: Sit tall on ground with knees bent, feet flat. Hold arms straight out in front of chest, clasped together if able. Twist as far left then right as able, keeping straight back. Go slow!
  • Modification: Perform without weight or with feet flat for stability

Reaching deep into those obliques with a solid twist fires up your core big time. I like to pretend I’m wringing out a towel nice and dry from side to side!

2. Bird Dog

bird dog

  • Targets: Balance, lower back, glute and abdominal stability
  • Equipment: None
  • How to: Start on hands and knees. Lift opposite arm and leg, extending out parallel to ground. Hold for 5 counts, lower and switch sides
  • Modification: Modify range of motion, hold for less time, or skip arm portion

It ain’t pretty, but this bird dog exercise strengthens the entire core musculature while improving balance and stability. Stay level and avoid arching through the low back as you hold the pose. Be slow and steady!

3. Reverse Crunch

reverse crunch

  • Targets: Lower abdominal muscles
  • Equipment: None or towel for head support
  • How to: Lie on ground, arms at sides or under glutes. Raise legs with knees bent, digging heels towards ceiling. Lift hips and tailbone, pressing low back down.
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Modifying the humble crunch to work those deep low ab muscles really zaps belly fat! Lie back and lift it up, baby! Use those abs and avoid pulling on the head and neck.

4. Plank


  • Targets: Full abdominal stabilization, shoulder girdle, glutes
  • Equipment: None
  • How to: In push up position, keep back straight and contract core, holding position for 30-60 seconds. Make sure elbows are under shoulders.
  • Modification Use knees or incline hands on table or wall to modify. Hold for less time if needed.

Yes, the plank made it in here! But it had to because it rocks at targeting pretty much your entire core musculature. Just hold that sucker with good form and feel that belly fat burning! Don’t let hips sag or shoulders creep up. Set a little timer if needed to avoid phone checking syndrome!

5. Palloff Press

palloff press

  • Targets: Obliques, rotational core
  • Equipment: Resistance band around fixed object
  • How to: Stand sideways with band at shoulder height. Press band straight out until arms extended, keeping hips and chest forward. Slow return to start position.
  • Modification Use lighter resistance band and perform slower reps.

This move mimics a rotational medicine ball throw, so you can pretend you’re getting ready for the Ab Ripper X video! (Hey, maybe some of you did that one back in the day with me.) Concentrate on keeping your hips still and initiating that twisty movement through your obliques.

Lifestyle Tweaks for Losing Belly Fat Over 60

Doing targeted belly exercises is fantastic, but cleaning up your diet and lifestyle habits is also essential for lasting fat loss after 60. Here are my top tips:

  • Walk Daily: Cardio exercise ignites fat burning and getting in an daily stroll helps offset age related muscle loss. Shoot for 30-60 minutes daily.
  • Strength Train: Building metabolically active muscle directly counteracts age-related muscle loss. Do full body strength workouts 2-3 times a week in addition to cardio.
  • Eat More Protein: Protein is muscle’s best friend! Aim for 25-30g per meal to support muscle synthesis and fat burning.
  • Sleep More: Chronic sleep deprivation = belly fat! Prioritize 7-9 hours per night through improved sleep hygiene habits.
  • Manage Stress: Chronic stress floods your body with cortisol = belly fat city! Work in mindfulness habits like meditation to keep cortisol in check.
  • Ditch Added Sugars: Stop the pop, candy and excessive alcohol! Stick to whole foods over processed to avoid blood sugar and insulin spikes.
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Belly Fat Burning Over 60 is Possible!

Growing older brings so much joy and wisdom, but it can also bring some pesky health changes like belly fat gain. But having a flabby belly past 60 years old is NOT inevitable! Staying active with a smart exercise program that safely targets the deep core muscles along with clean eating, hydrating and our favorite anti-aging tool – laughter – can help keep your belly fat in check!

Now pull out your athletic shoes or support hose, and let’s do this! I’m cheering you on as you rock these best exercises for blasting belly fat after 60. You’ve so got this! And just remember, a little belly pooch gives you something soft to rest your book on at night. Never stop reading and learning!

Let me know if you have any questions on executing these best exercises for belly fat over 60 properly and safely. I’m always just an email away! Now go get your fab back!

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